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The Beldam

When eleven-year-old Lucy Linstead ventures into the forest behind her house, she discovers a world of magic, fairies, and new friends.  But there’s a monster that lurks within the forest: an ancient witch called the beldam who preys on children who stray too far into the woods.  Lucy will have to embrace this world of magic and fight if she wants to save herself and her new friends.


gods by any other name

Kieran Byrne is a vibrant, party-loving trickster with a penchant for getting into far more trouble than most can tolerate. When his boss, the notoriously ruthless mafia boss Emilio Russo tasks him with capturing the fairy that's been wreaking havoc on their bootlegging operation as punishment for his latest misstep, Kieran assumes it'll be nothing but a tedious little odd job to keep him out of his boss's hair for awhile. Instead, Kieran finds himself embroiled in a power struggle between old gods and new kings, and he must decide which side to take if he hopes to make it home alive.

Ari LaMontagne brings magic and myth to the world of 1920's gangsters in his debut novel — packed with dangerous mobsters, cunning tricksters, and long forgotten ancient gods.