So I'm Starting a Podcast

I know it’s been ages since I’ve made a blog post, but it’s also been ages since I’ve had anything going on that seemed worth writing multiple paragraphs about. However, I’m pleased to say that this is no longer the case.

I’ve been toying with the idea of starting a mythology-based podcast for months now. And finally, after six months, three topic changes, two genre changes, and the purchase of a very nice microphone, I’m pleased to finally tell you all about this new venture of mine.

Pop Culture Mythology will be a weekly podcast dedicated to the influence of mythology, folklore, and magic in popular culture. It will things like tropes that are as old as storytelling itself and longstanding character archetypes—as well as the mythical characters that both modern content creators and fans can’t seem to get enough of. So if you like mythology, sci-fi, or fantasy, this might be the podcast for you.

The release date for the first three episodes will be Sunday, October 28th aka next weekend. I encourage you to check it out on Apple Podcasts or wherever else you listen. And if you end up liking it, you’re more than welcome to let me know.

Nicole Monti