GBAON Chapter 31.5

Kieran Byrne hated being in the hospital.  The lighting was garrish, distressed groans of pained patients rang through the halls, and the whole place reeked of antiseptic.  Everything about the place felt more to him like a prison than a place of healing.

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Nicole Monti
Sleight of Hand

It took less than a month before America came to the consensus that 1920 was one of the worst years in their nation’s history.  Communists were calling for revolution, hardworking laborers were being massacred by private militias just for daring to ask for better wages, Great War veterans were increasingly finding themselves unable to forgive the government for sending them to Europe, and most people still didn’t even have the right to vote.  Worst of all, though, with this new law called Prohibition, no one could even get a pint of beer at the pub to take their mind off things and forget for just a moment about how terrible 1920 was.

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